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When using our website, especially the members only section which is provided only to fully paid and current members, please remember that information has been provided to us by organisations, speakers and special guests on the premise that it will be shared in a controlled environment only. i.e. for our members.  We must therefore stress the importance of maintaining the members only section by not sharing information or content held within these areas to others.

By signing up to be a member you agree to your name and email address being stored on Mailchimp.com to allow us to provide you with newsletters and updates.

All published photos taken at events are pre-screened and you may download those of you and your guests however we strongly advise against further posting these on social media especially with tags such as ‘UK Embassy, Riyadh’ etc.  These actions carry a risk of jeopardising the future of any events held in the Embassy grounds which HMA graciously allows at present.

Finally, please remember that the RGBB is first and foremost a Business group and we ask that our members use the website and any provided facilities / events in such a manner.

By using this website, you are agreeing to the above Terms & Conditions.

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